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Make Your Home a Haven for Your Pets Want to add a new doggy door or need to replace an old one? Or perhaps you are interested in having hollow interior doors for your pets? Handyman Services of Albuquerque can help with Pet Door Installation Services.

Pet Door Installation Services can help your furry loved ones move easily in, out, and throughout your home. Pet Door Installation Services can prevent your pets from scratching on your doors, ripping screens and avoiding accidents. Call Handyman Services of Albuquerque fully insured and highly qualified professionals to get your Pet Door Installation Services done. Everything we do, we do right with Pet Door Installation Services.


Tips on How to Keep Your Pets Safe This Halloween


Halloween is a fun event not just for families but also for pets. However, the celebration may prove to be hazardous for your four-legged companion if you don’t take safety precautions.


Halloween Pet Care


According to veterinary care specialist, Dr. Justine Lee, emergency calls increase by 10% during Halloween. To protect your pet from possible danger, we have listed life-saving tips that you need to remember this coming Halloween.

Dangerous Pet Costumes

If you want a safe Halloween costumes for your pet, then it would be a bandana that’s loosely tied. However, you may still want to dress your pet up a bit. If you do, make your approach as simple as possible. Pets can easily get tangled in tight-fitting, elaborate costumes especially the ones with sashes, belts, ties, and strings. Difficulty in mobility in pets can lead to strangulation and other bodily injuries. Here’s a quick checklist:

  • No strings or frayed ends
  • ID or Tag your dog
  • Make sure that it is visible
  • Have your pet microchipped
  • Choose bright colors
  • Keep your pet’s head free
  • Don’t limit movement

Make sure that you don’t leave your dog or cat unattended if it’s wearing a costume. The parts of its costume may be ingested or chewed. This will result in a terrible foreign body ingestion which may be life-threatening to your pet.

Fire Hazards and Halloween Decorations

If you like decorating your home for the event, take into consideration all the things that you are putting up on display as well as their location. Decorations that are easy to reach like candles can be knocked over or eaten, potentially leading to electrical shock, foreign body ingestion, choking, and even household fire.

Noise Affects Pets

Cats and dogs can become anxiety-ridden and skittish on Halloween because of the incessant doorbell ringing, chatter, and constant squeals. There may also be small fireworks that are set off outside your home.

Also, strangers that are wearing scary costumes will alarm your pet, increasing its anxiety further. As a pet owner, take extra precaution and gauge the typical reaction of your pet while it greets visitors. After monitoring your pet’s behavior, you can then decide whether you should put a baby gate up or leave your pet in the back room where it’s calmer.

Chocolates and Candies are Toxic

Chocolates and candies are bad for cats and dogs. On Halloween, there’s an increased amount of these treats and Fido or Fluffy may consume them.

Xylitol and chocolate are toxic to pets. Sticks and lollipops are choking hazards and they can cause foreign body ingestion, which requires removal through surgery. Candies that are wrapped in plastic can also cause an upset stomach or obstruction.

Below are easy solutions that will prevent accidental ingestion or toxicity:

  • Make sure all candy is out of reach.
  • Be ready with pet-safe treats in order to satisfy the curiosity of your pet.
  • Consider keeping your pet in a part of your home where hazard exposure is impossible.

Lost Pets


Halloween is not a good time to allow your pet to wander outside unattended. There are not a lot of documented reports on pet abduction during Halloween but it still pays off if you are mindful of mean-spirited individuals or pranksters as they might mess with your dog or cat. Take caution. Keep your pet indoors. Strange-looking costumes and sudden noises will spook your pet and cause it to panic. Adorn your dog or cat with an identification tag in case you get separated. If you have not opted for a microchip for your pet, we suggest you get one. If, by chance, your pet gets lost, the microchip will quickly tell you the exact location of your pet.


Emergency Care


You should not wait until the next day to have your pet dog or cat treated if there’s an emergency. Look for a 24-hr clinic in your area. If you think your pet ingested a toxic substance and it’s impossible for you to seek the help of a veterinarian, the only option you will have is to search on Google how you can treat potentially poisoned pets on your own.


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