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Porches should show charm and warmth. This becomes the extension of your style and personality and the first thing that passers-by and visitors see. Roof design for porches is one of the important considerations when building porches. It is essential to understand the porch components and how they complement each other before creating your own.


If you wish to build porches on your home, it will be necessary to understand the porch coverings you intend to have, so you will end up with the best possible roof design, styles and type.



Some significant factors should be considered in determining the type of porch roof and the porch roof’s style and design, and that includes the existing roof style of your home and the home’s configuration. Porch lightings, columns, railings, landscaping, and furniture are also crucial factors to be incorporated in the design of your porch roof. There are a variety of porch styles and designs, but make sure it compliments your house.



This is the most common style of porch roof in America. It is compatible with different types of houses. Its simple style, usually made of a triangle-shaped roof, makes it look nice with either a colonial style or Cape Cod style home. The triangle is wide, rather than tall. This roof overhangs the porch’s side, letting the water run off from the roof. A Gable Porch roof can cover a wide area, while remaining durable. Two posts reinforce the roof end, so it will not be attached to the house. The support posts can also add to the appeal of the house and can help show a welcoming appearance.

This requires only simple roof framing, no need for jack rafters and valleys.

Shed style Porch Roof. It is a roof with a sloping surface attached to the upper end of the house wall. This can be usually seen on a porch deck or n a long, narrow porch . Its design is shallow to compliment the design of a house. If the area of the porch is too deep, the house roof line will look somewhat high and out of place.

This is also a simple one, because it only requires removing a small section of the siding to fasten in the wall framing a rafter ledger. Hip Porch roof. It is quite a complex one. This porch roof has roof sides sloping down the walls and are all equally angled. Gables are not present here, and the slope is gentle. The roof shape looks like a pyramid, which can be usually seen in cottage homes, bungalow homes, and ranch-style homes. The hip porch roof extends past the wall of a house, creating a visually appealing slant or slope. This is largely self-supported, so even a small post for support will do.

Installing this roofing is easy. What makes it complicated is the maintenance of the open vaulted ceiling located in the interior. The additional supports and bracing of this roof are often hidden. But when there are exposed structural elements, finish carpentry will be required in combination with its framing.

A detached type of roof is easier to build, because the framing and matching of roof pitches in the house is easier to install.

A mansard roof, which is also used on porches, is a hip roof variation and is ideal for two story houses, with window placements incapable of having a gable roof or continuous shed.

Shed and Gable roofs combined. This is made possible through incorporating the gable pitches on half of the porch footprint and finishing the rest with the shed roof.



These are compatible with flat fronted houses. The roofs are straight and flat across the front of the house. At first glance, it will look like straight forward, but if you look around, there are houses with bay windows and pitched roofs and an extension of the porch with flat roofing.

However, a flat porch roof will not be ideal in geographical areas with snow, so it will be necessary to consider checking local codes within the area before considering this roof.



A great design for the front porch should be compatible, functional, architectural, and must be overall appealing. A front roof should appear as if it’s part of the whole, not just a simple addition. It should integrate the feel and style of your home. The roofing design often depends on your personal preferences and your home’s style.


Adding a front porch on your house will not only give appeal, but will also create great space. There are lots of front porch roof ideas you can find. It may be simple pull-back awnings or a wooden roof. Most homeowners who prefer free standing porch roofs settle on roofed pergola structures. It is composed of vertical pillars that serve as the support for the roof. For those who wish to have a solid roof, a gazebo can be an ideal choice. If you are planning to spend most of your time relaxing on your front porch, screening can also be advisable.


If you have a ranch style house, some of these porch roof ideas might be considerable.



A flat roof is the least expensive you can have. It may look so simple, but when combined with other facets of the porch, it will surely look amazing. A front porch might be placed in the center over the front door or to the left or right of the door.



A shed style of roof can make a seamless transition from the main house roof. You can locate this anywhere alongside the front of your house to give a different perspective. The staircase can also be placed in a different location to change the overall design of your porch.



The slope and height of the gable will typically be determined by the main roof’s height and the porch width. The design can be adjusted, so the architectural requirements will be met. The specific location of the front roof porch can also create a difference in the overall design.


The gable design can also produce a heavy appearance. This would happen if the gable’s slope is steep, rather than lean. Note that a gable roof’s slope can also be designed to match a contemporary style. You can also prefer a rounded entryway to give a more open feel.



Whether you are working with a covered back porch or a small front porch, choosing the right roofing style should also be considered with your decorative finishes. Consider your roofing style, while deciding what type of décor style and architectural theme you want to bring into your space. From a starkly traditional style to a modern one, the options for porch roofing styles are endless.


The following are just some of the front porch roofing styles that are common in most households. Just be creative enough, and surely, the space will end up incredibly good.




It makes use of gable roof. Veranda porch. It makes use of bay style, which is three-sided, framed against the exterior of a home. The ceiling will be flat bead board with crown molding. This will be constructed with fiber cement with arches that are custom fabricated, utilizing a PVC sheet.




Its features are similar to the veranda porch. The only difference is that it utilizes the shed style porch roof. Tuscan Porch. It also utilizes bay style.



This style utilizes the flat roof created as a low pitch and is common in traditional architecture.


Remember, even the smallest details of your porch will contribute to the overall appearance of the place. Therefore, aside from determining the roofing style, it will also be vital to choose products and materials that will highlight the beauty of the space.


There are also open porch roof designs ideal for those who love outdoor retreats. You can comfortably enjoy activities and the ambiance of your backyard in the shade or out in the rain. There are many expert designers who can help you create and find the best open porch plan that matches the style and architecture of the home.


Take note there are many roof variations either for your front porch, open porch, or back porch. You can have a roof design that combines a mansard and shed roof. A flat porch with a flat roof will also look great in a bungalow with a common hip roof. A round porch roof also offers a sophisticated appeal.


Hopefully, you can see the roof design and the style’s impact to the overall look of your porch.


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