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Whether you choose carpeting or a rug for your stairs, there are hundreds of pieces in our collection that can be resized to meet your specific staircase needs. Our carpet professionals will lead you through our inventory of beautiful sample rugs and handmade rugs, or you may choose to customize a hand knotted rug. Handyman Services of Albuquerque. We will help you to choose the carpets that are best suited for stairways and runners, and provide guidance on color and style. Every tread, riser and landing will be meticulously measured to ensure that the carpet we create fits perfectly.


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Stair Runner Installation

There aren’t many staircases that couldn’t benefit from a colorful and personality-packed . (Not to mention that a runner also protects your wooden stair treads against wear and tear from the clickety-clack of heeled shoes and little or big pet paws.) Since you’ve been asking for installation tips for a while now, we put together this definitive how-to for installing a stair runner. The coolest part? It’s a whole lot simpler than you might think.

What you’ll need:

  • woven cotton or indoor/outdoor stair runner of your choice; measure your stairs first to determine the total length needed
  • 2’ x 8’ rug pads; measure your stairs first to determine the total length needed
  • Fabric scissors
  • Pneumatic staple gun
  • 3/8-inch to 1/2-inch staples
  • Tape measure
  • Yardstick or other straight edge
  • Double-stick carpet tape
  • Pencil
  • Marker
  • Bolster chisel
  • A little patience

How to do it:

  1. To determine how long a runner you’ll need, measure the depth of the stair tread and the height of the riser. Multiply the total by the number of stairs; this is your total runner length.
  2. Measure the width of the treads from end to end, or from end to banisters. Mark the middle with a pencil.
  3. Create individual rug pads for each stair tread by fitting the top edge of the pad against the back of the tread and gently straightening it.
  4. Mark the cut line on the pad about .5 inches from the front of the stair tread. (Note that the runner will be slightly wider than the rug pad, and thus the edges of the rug pad won’t peek out from underneath.) Cut the rug pad along the line with fabric scissors. Measure and cut as many rug pads as needed to cover all treads.
  5. Cut three pieces of double-stick carpet tape to fit the two outer edges and the middle of each rug-pad tread cover. Place them on the rug pad, making sure to align two pieces of the tape with the outer edges of the pad.
  6. Fold the cut rug pads in half, preferably tape side out, to find the center.
  7. Place the rug pads, tape side down, onto each tread, aligning the center fold with the pencil marks you created in the middle of each tread. Press with your hands to smooth out any bubbles.
  8. Subtract the width of the runner from the width of the stair treads; the difference is the amount of space you’ll leave on each side of the runner. You can mark these points to make them easier to follow. Important: As you install the runner, periodically check this measurement to ensure that the runner remains straight all the way down.
  9. Align the top of the runner with the bottom edge of the first tread. This creates a cleaner, less bulky look than going all the way over the top of the first tread, and eliminates “floating” pieces at the top of the stairs.
  10. Using a pneumatic staple gun, staple the runner in place at its top edge, approximately every 3 inches. Be sure to include staples on both of the outer edges.
  11. Use a bolster chisel to pull the runner taut against the corner of the riser and the next tread. Staple against the bottom of the riser approximately every 3 inches, including both of the outer edges. If you’re using a striped runner, step back and check to make sure the stripes are straight before moving on.
  12. For a “waterfall”-style installation, which is a bit easier, simply pull the loose end of the runner over the edge of the next stair tread
  13. For stair treads that have bullnoses, you can also do a “wrap”-style installation. Pull the loose end of the runner over the edge of the tread and use the bolster chisel to pull it taut around the bullnose. Staple underneath the bullnose against the riser approximately every 3 inches, including both the outer edges.

Handyman Services of Albuquerque is a sales, design, fabrication and installation company that employs only a small staff of experts in the creation of stair and hallway runners. Although we primarily service the Albuquerque Rio Rancho NM area.

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The process starts with expert suggestions as to what carpet materials and style would look and fit best… while keeping your budget in mind. We will then design and layout an on-site field measure and estimate the material amounts required as well as the fabrication and installation costs. The next step is to template any unusual stairs to ensure proper width and fit. The stair carpet materials are then modified (fabricated) one stair at a time in our workshop. Finally, when it comes time for installation, each and every stair is installed to perfection.

All of our custom projects are templated, fabricated and installed by the same craftsman… start to finish! The result is a project that goes smoothly as no detail gets lost in translation.

Find out how easy our process is for completing your stair runner project. We will help you find the best product and solution for your décor, your budget and your lifestyle.

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