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Looking for a cabinet installation service in Albuquerque NM? Call Handyman Services of Albuquerque! Installing or repairing your cabinets can inject new life into the design of your home, and we offer convenient services for kitchen cabinet installation and cabinet repair. Save time and hassle, enjoy the convenience of IKEA Cabinet Installation Service on your schedule. 90 Days Warranty. Get a Free Quote! Handyman Services of Albuquerque Cabinets is a kitchen cabinet installation company based in Albuquerque, which provides entire kitchen remodeling  and cabinet installation services to residential homes and commercial developments in Albuquerque NM. Best cabinet installation service and cost in Albuquerque NM! Cost Of Cabinet Installation? Free Estimates! Call Today Or Schedule Cabinet Installation Online Fast!





About our Albuquerque Cabinet Installation Services: For over 25 years, Handyman Services of Albuquerque has been the Albuquerque area’s leading choice for expert home remodeling services, including full-service kitchen and bathroom renovations, cabinet installation, sink installation, countertops. Completing over 50 jobs a year, we are committed to the highest levels of personal and professional integrity, and our crew will stay on-site until you are 100% satisfied with your finished product.


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Albuquerque Home Improvement Contractor with Over 25 Years of Experience

Handyman Services of Albuquerque provides a wide range of cabinet installation, make ready, interior and exterior home improvement services that will not only refresh and restore the beauty of your home, but also add significant value for years to come!

Kitchen and bathroom remodels, new cabinet installations, cabinet replacement projects are a great option for not only increasing the value of your home, but also planning for the future and giving you and your family more space to enjoy each other’s company. With over 25 years in the construction business, we know everything there is to know about designing and building the ideal kitchen environment.

We guarantee free and accurate estimates for affordable and efficient construction services that will let you see your ideal kitchen come to life!

Some of the kitchen remodeling services we specialize in include:

  • Kitchen Cabinet Installation
  • Countertops
  • Islands & Appliances
  • Sink & Faucet Installation
  • Backsplashes
  • Cabinets
  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • And Much More

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Some of the bathroom remodeling services we specialize in include:






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To avoid any damage to the cabinet doors during installation, it is recommended to remove the doors before beginning the installation. Use a piece of masking tape with the corresponding cabinet written on it to mark each door and to avoid confusion when putting the doors back on.


TIP: We recommend that the wall cabinets be installed first. This will allow full access without having to lean over the base cabinets and will also help to prevent damage to the base cabinets.




The most common place to begin hanging the wall cabinets is in a corner. Determine the placement of the cabinet by using the lines that were marked previously. Mark the position of the wall studs inside the cabinets; place the cabinet in position and fasten the cabinet through the back to the wall. Using a C-clamp, attach the next cabinet, making adjustments so that the top and front edges of the cabinets are flush. Tighten the clamps; drill through one of the side stiles and part way into the other side stile; then join the cabinets together.


On frameless cabinets, use a 5mm drill bit and drill through the shelf system holes, and fasten the cabinets together using two-piece connecting screws (ordered separately).


Follow these steps for each of the remaining wall cabinets. It is the installer’s responsibility to make sure that the wall cabinets are installed level and plumb, using shims where necessary.


CAUTION: Upper cabinets not attached to wall studs may fall when loaded. It is the installer’s responsibility to see that all cabinets are fastened to studs. If they are not attached to wall studs it is the installer’s responsibility to ensure that adequate fastening devices are used. Do not attach cabinets to the walls with nails because they will not support the weight of fully loaded cabinets.




Choose a starting point. The cabinet placement has been marked with the “base level” line. Starting with the cabinet located in the corner, use thin wooden shims placed under the cabinet as necessary so that the cabinet is plumb, and checking that it is level with a carpenter’s level. Fasten the cabinet to the wall using wood screws, and secure the cabinets together using C-clamps.


TIP: Do not fully tighten the screws until all the cabinets are installed so that final adjustments can be made.


Shim the second cabinet until it is plumb and level, then secure it to the wall. Repeat this procedure following the floor plan until the cabinets are installed. It is the installer’s responsibility to install the base cabinets in a continuous level line.




Locate the ceiling joist or solid blocking in the same manner used to locate the wall studs. Mark them on the tops of the peninsula cabinets. The use of lag bolts is recommended to secure cabinets into ceiling blocking or ceiling joists. Cabinets have to be securely attached to the ceiling joists to hold a fully loaded cabinet.


Island pony walls are often not plumb so you’ll need to make adjustments before installing the island cabinet. Again, you’ll need to shim the cabinets where necessary to ensure that they are level, plumb and aligned with adjacent cabinets.




When an oven cabinet is used, make a cut-out in the oven panel according to the appliance manufacturer’s specifications. Install the support shelf to the End Panel with screws; making sure that the top of the shelf is level with the cut-out opening.


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