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Linoleum Flooring Repair Service In Albuquerque Rio Rancho NM

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Repairing Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum was a common original flooring material in historic houses throughout Albuquerque Rio Rancho NM. In most cases, the original linoleum has been lost to time or damage. Often another flooring material was laid over the original linoleum.

If you are lucky enough to uncover an intact, authentic, inlaid linoleum floor in your historic house, you may be able to save it. However, be aware that a historic surface will never look new. But you can repair minor damage to your original linoleum that will show the patina of the aging process.

Linoleum was made in large sheets with linseed oil, resins and canvas.Handyman Services of Albuquerque Linoleum was designed in two ways: an inlaid version made by laying different solid colors of linoleum pieces into a pattern, and a printed version with a pattern printed only on the linoleum surface. Many companies today make a product often called linoleum that is made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The flooring industry today calls this sheet vinyl or linoleum.

Assess the Condition of Your Linoleum

If you remove another flooring material that was laid over your original linoleum, it will leave behind glue, rips, and nail holes that you can repair. If your intact linoleum is the inlaid version rather than a printed design, your repairs will be much easier. However, if your original linoleum is the printed variety, the pattern may have worn off. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible for a house or building owner to restore this missing surface.

Gather Your Tools and Supplies

To repair minor damage to original linoleum flooring, you will need to gather the following tools and supplies:  
  • White vinegar
  • Liquid dishwashing detergent
  • Five-gallon bucket
  • Shellac repair sticks
  • Carnauba-based floor wax

Repair Your Damaged  Linoleum

Follow the three steps below to repair your original linoleum:

Clean the linoleum surface with 1/4 cup of white vinegar and several drops of a liquid dishwashing detergent mixed in a five-gallon bucket of hot water. Rinse the cleaned surface with clear water to remove all the dirt and reveal the appearance of the original linoleum surface.

Repair cracks, small tears and gouges in the surface by filling them with shellac. Most woodworking supply companies on the internet sell shellac sticks for repairing furniture finishes. These shellac sticks come in a variety of colors that can be mixed to match the affected areas of your linoleum. Follow the manufacturer’s directions to install the shellac stick.

Wax the linoleum surface with a carnauba-based floor wax, which is similar to car wax. Carnauba is derived from a plant and produces a durable finish. Follow the wax manufacturer’s application instructions closely.


Cuts, dents, scratches, or burns up to the diameter of a quarter in size can be fused with the help of a liquid seam sealer.

Larger holes or tears may make it necessary to replace some or all of your vinyl or linoleum floor. The good news is that this type of flooring tends to be decorated with some kind of attractive motif. Designed to hide dirt and other marks, this feature makes it simpler to discreetly patch a damaged area; cut it out along the lines of the pattern and insert a new piece of flooring.

Stains can often be avoided by promptly wiping up spills and cat or dog “accidents.” Use a mop or soft cloth with a cleaning fluid labeled safe for vinyl floors. Carefully scrape up as much as possible of tacky or waxy substances like chewing gum, candle drippings, or glue, with the help of a plastic spoon or the edge of a credit card. If a stain remains, rub gently with a non-abrasive scrubbing pad. Then dab with isopropyl alcohol.

Rust stains should be treated with lemon juice.

Scuffs and shoe polish marks can usually be rubbed away with a pencil eraser. Then clean as for Stains, above.

Peeling corners indicate that the glue which held your flooring in place has dried up. Clean out all grit and grime from the area and scrape off loose adhesive. Apply fresh vinyl adhesive and weight the floor down for a 24-hour period.

Open seams may be repaired in a similar manner if the edges can be brought together in a neat line. If they have deteriorated, utilize a metal transition strip to close tidily.

Bubbling may be due to air under the floor. Slit a tiny hole with a needle or utility knife and press out the air. Then apply a small amount of new adhesive and weight. Use seam sealer to fill any holes that you made.


Use a doormat at all entrances to prevent tracking in particles that might scratch your floor.

Clean regularly to remove dirt and debris. Sweep or vacuum and damp mop on a daily basis. Use non-abrasive cleansers and stay away from bleach or other harsh chemicals. Never soak the surface with water.

Avoid walking on the floor with high heels.

Your flooring will also be vulnerable to scrapes and gouges from your furniture; investing in felt or rubber footpads will offer protection. If you have to move furnishings  or indeed, any heavy object  across your floor, lift rather than dragging, pulling, or pushing.

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