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Best Landscaping Maintenance Service and Cost in Albuquerque Rio Rancho NM
Handyman Services of Albuquerque

Landscape Maintenance services near Albuquerque Rio Rancho NM: Looking for Landscape Maintenance services near Albuquerque Rio Rancho NM? Handyman Services of Albuquerque is the full-service lawn and landscaping company, we can maintain your plant, flower, and tree beds; mow, fertilize, and maintain your grass; and offer a number of other services that will keep you’re landscaping looking its best. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Landscape Maintenance Services around Albuquerque Rio Rancho NM. Albuquerque Rio Rancho Landscape Maintenance, we can handle your complete lawn care services or simply perform special services on an as-needed basis to keep your property looking great throughout the year.. We serve Albuquerque Rio Rancho and other areas.


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Landscape Maintenance Albuquerque Rio Rancho NM
Albuquerque Rio Rancho Landscape Maintenance

Residential and Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance services near Albuquerque Rio Rancho NM: Handyman Services of Albuquerque offers landscape maintenance to residential and commercial customers throughout the Albuquerque Rio Rancho NM. As a full-service lawn and landscaping company, we can maintain your plant, flower, and tree beds; mow, fertilize, and maintain your grass; and offer a number of other services that will keep you’re landscaping looking its best. We can handle your complete lawn care services or simply perform special services on an as-needed basis to keep your property looking great throughout the year.

From design to installation and maintenance, we have a 35-year track record of completing projects on time, on budget, and ahead of schedule. Experienced, uniformed maintenance teams set the standard each day in planting, weed control, pruning, irrigation management, maintenance and repair, and fertilization.

Landscape Maintenance services near Albuquerque Rio Rancho NM: Albuquerque Rio Rancho Handyman Service’s quality, creativity, and experience have enabled us to become one of the Bay Area’s premier residential landscape and lawn care companies. We are entrusted to maintain the grounds of many high-profile properties. All gardening and maintenance services are custom-designed to reflect a customer’s tastes and lifestyle.

In addition to residences, Handyman Services of Albuquerque maintains and beautifies the grounds of commercial properties:

  • Condominiums
  • Gated communities
  • Apartment complexes
  • Office complexes
  • Shopping malls
  • Storefronts
  • Retail
  • Convenience stores
  • Gas stations
  • Hotels and motels
  • Convention centers
  • Community centers
  • Golf clubs and social clubs
  • Health clubs
  • Educational and institutional facilities
  • Churches
  • Banks
  • Municipal facilities
  • Parking lots
  • Processing plants
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Commercial landscaper

Our complete landscaping maintenance services

Landscape Maintenance services near Albuquerque Rio Rancho NM: Handyman Services of Albuquerque provides the following services to commercial and residential customers:

Mowing: With this landscaping maintenance service, we will mow your grass as needed seasonally. We will also trim and edge any sidewalks and obstacles and blow clippings from hard surfaces.

Fertilizing: We will fertilize your lawn as requested to keep it looking its best. We can also perform any spot treatments if necessary to promote proper lawn growth.

Weed Care: As part of our landscaping maintenance services, we will help minimize and control weeds in your landscaping by hand weeding and applying weed control treatments to your flower and plant beds.

Mulching: With our mulching services, we will spread mulch in all of your beds and around your trees as needed for aesthetic appeal and weed control.

Trimming and Pruning: With this service, we will trim and prune any shrubs, plants, and ornamental grasses to ensure good shape and plant health.

Irrigation Maintenance: We will inspect your irrigation system monthly while the system is on to ensure proper coverage and function.

Lawn Aeration: Aeration is an important landscaping maintenance service that will reduce soil compaction and allow fertilizers to beautify your turf.

Over-Seeding: We can perform over-seeding services following aeration in order to ensure a healthy and full lawn.

Leaf Removal: We will remove fallen leaves from both your landscaping beds and turf areas.

Spring and Fall Annual Planting: We can plant a variety of annual flowers and plants throughout your landscape to provide color and design in any season.

Preparation of Annual Beds: This service prepares beds for planting by cultivating the soil and adding necessary amendments to the soil to help with the annuals growth.

Removal of Annuals: This landscaping maintenance service includes removing any dead annuals after the growing season has ended.

Tree and Shrub Care: We will apply a number of treatments to your trees and shrubs in order to ensure health and prevent disease or insects.

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance services near Albuquerque Rio Rancho NM: No matter how well designed and easy to maintain the landscape is, there is always an irreducible minimum of pruning, fertilizing and primping to do in the yard. Helping our commercial and residential customers enhance their landscape is a vital part of Handyman Services of Albuquerque.

Handyman Services of Albuquerque offers comprehensive estimates for any landscape maintenance work. Handyman Services of Albuquerque personnel can estimate your yard work after an on-site visit with you, or on our own when you are not available. Whenever possible, it is a good idea to walk the property with your Handyman Services of Albuquerque professional to discuss the work to be done in detail.

Seasonal clean-ups are designed to take care of planting beds (see Bed Care) and overall yard maintenance, with attention to the appropriate seasonal practices. For example, in the spring, pruning, herbicide and mulching are important. In the fall, leaf removal and fertilization are appropriate.

Bed care

Handyman Services of Albuquerque Nursery Inc. provides an expert bed maintenance service that can include the following: Selective pruning: controls the size and shape and improves plant health Defining bed lines: enhances overall appearance by proper edge cutting Weeding and weed control: removes existing weeds and adds herbicide (weed preventer) Fertilizing: provides nutrients to support healthy plant growth Mulching: provides a finished, professional appearance to the landscape. Mulch also: retains soil moisture by preventing the sun from baking soil surfaces; prevents wind from drying and eroding soil surfaces; allows water to penetrate soil reducing runoff; prevents some weed seeds from germinating; Insect and disease control.

Handyman Services of Albuquerque manages pests when they threaten plant health. Estimates for insect and disease control are provided. For more detailed information on specific pest problems or comprehensive control programs see Insect and Disease Control.

Seasonal color plantings (annuals, perennials, bulbs)

Landscape Maintenance services near Albuquerque Rio Rancho NM: Handyman Services of Albuquerque designs and installs flower bed plantings, utilizing the latest selection of bulbs, perennials, and annuals throughout the growing season. Our staff can assist you in choosing the flower varieties and colors that will enhance your outdoor spaces. If your flowers just need fertilizing or clean-up, we can do that too!

Seasonal container plantings whether choosing from our outstanding selection of containers or bringing in your favorite, we can plant your favorite collection or select one for you. Handyman Services of Albuquerque will bring the plants to you, plant them on the spot, if that works better.

Lawn care

Mowing: commercial and residential lawn mowing services. We offer these services on an as-needed basis, or for season-long contracts. Our mowing services include single-family residences, condominium communities, apartment communities and office complexes. We provide bush-hogging for those unique mowing situations that require heavier equipment.
Lawn Care Programs (Liquid and Dry): Our lawn care programs include liquid and dry fertilization programs with weed control. Insect and disease control are only included as necessary and with client approval. We provide up to a four-step fertilizer/weed control lawn care program for our customers. But recognizing that one size does not fit all, we customize programs to fit individual needs. For a more complete explanation of these services select more lawn option.

Tree care

Handyman Services of Albuquerque offers a full line of tree services from trimming to removals, to tree planting, tree moving, fertilizing and insect and disease control.

For a more complete explanation of these services select more tree options.

Soil analysis

When a situation call for more specific information regarding a soil’s physical make-up, its available nutrients, or other growing conditions, Handyman Services of Albuquerque will sample the soil and send those samples to a certified soil testing laboratory.

How Much Does Landscape Maintenance Cost?

Landscape Maintenance services near Albuquerque Rio Rancho NM: Landscape maintenance contracts can be notoriously complex. With different companies charging different prices for different services, many contractors profit by keeping customers in the dark about the services they provide. Here at Schill Grounds Management, we pride ourselves on transparency and educating our potential clients about what we do so they can make informed decisions. That’s why our Landscape Maintenance hiring guide is one of our most circulated resources.

So, in that same spirit of education, we set out to write this article on the cost of landscape maintenance because we know it can be difficult to make accurate comparisons across different providers. But before we get into prices, here are some caveats:

As with everything in the landscaping business, the cost of everything will vary based on the size of your property, but we’ve attempted to control for that factor by listing most prices per 1000 ft2. It’s also important to keep in mind that so much of what we do in the landscaping industry is commodities based, and a large percentage of the prices we charge for things like mulch, mowing (our mowers are propane powered), travel to and from your location, fertilizer, and chemical services are based on factors we can’t control. With that being said, we’ve listed ranges for many of our services below based on dozens of contracts from the past few years to give you price ranges that are as accurate as possible.

For a detailed explanation of what each of these services entails and why they’re important for your landscape, check out this post: What does a commercial landscaping contract include?

Weekly Maintenance


Landscape Maintenance services near Albuquerque Rio Rancho NM: Our crews typically mow our properties 28-32 times per growing season, and the cost of mowing depends on the size of the property and the type of mower used. Larger properties with level terrain call for larger mowers, which move fast and therefore have lower labor costs. On the other hand, tighter spaces with steep slopes or twists and turns often require smaller push mowers that take more time to cover the same amount of property than their ride-on counterparts. Typically, mowing prices run anywhere from $0.60- $6 per 1000 ft2, which again, all depends on your property’s terrain and the size of the mower needed.

Seasonal Care

Landscape Maintenance services near Albuquerque Rio Rancho NM: Each season brings new challenges and new needs for your landscape. At the start of every spring and fall, our team will thoroughly clean out your beds, removing dead plant material leftover from the previous seasons. In the spring, we edge your turf along the perimeter of buildings, beds, and hardscapes to make sure it looks as clean as possible. Throughout the autumn season, we clean up the leaves that fall from the deciduous trees throughout your property. The prices listed below will vary depending on the difficulty of the cleanup and (of course) the size of the space.

Spring and Fall Care

Bed clean out: $1.50-$3 per ft2

Edging: $0.15-$0.75 per linear foot

Plant and Bed Care

The Handyman Services of Albuquerque team loves mulch, and you can tell by our popular review of 9 different types; it keeps your plants moist and cool in the summer heat and looks great too.

The cost of mulch depends on your preferred type (natural, vs dyed; cut type), as well as how we disperse it either laying it by shoveling it by hand, blowing it down, or dispensing it in large amounts by using a vehicle called a mulch mule. Typically, mulch runs about $48-$70 per yard.

Pruning and Plant Deadheading

Pruning is a vital step in maintaining your plants’ health and size, and it’s something we typically do at least twice per season. We charge for pruning by the amount of time it takes to trim a tree or shrub, and we estimate this based on the size of the plant. Perennials and ornamental grasses often have parts that die off at least once per year, and removing them is often vital to making sure that they grow back healthy and look well-maintained. The cost of pruning and trimming these plants can run anywhere from $0.70 for simple dead heading to around $13 for the average tree.

Fertilizer, Disease, and Bug Treatment

Soil nourishment is perhaps the biggest factor in determining the health of your landscape. Here at Schell, we us organic fertilizers to make sure your soil is getting the nutrients it needs to feed your plants well. We typically apply 1-5 rounds of fertilizer per growing season based on the needs of your turf, flowers, trees, and shrubs, and the price typically runs from $3-$4.50 per round per 1000 ft2.

If your plants are in particularly bad shape or you just want to spot treat a few of them at a time, we also offer deep root feeding programs for trees and shrubs that range from $2-$8 per plant.

Albuquerque Rio Rancho is native to a host of insects and diseases that love to prey on local plants. Before we draft a contract or send you an estimate, we’ll do a detailed inspection of your property that will give us a pretty good idea of whether your plants are in immediate need of pest or disease treatment.

Of course, disease and pest problems often spring up on us mid-season, so we typically like to include treatments in the initial agreement. Prices for disease and pest treatment can run anywhere from $2-$11 per plant per application, depending on its size.


What garden maintenance services do you provide?

A Blade of Grass offers a wide variety of year-round maintenance services, specifically tailored to your property and budget. Our maintenance services include (but are not limited to):

  • fine gardening including perennial care, pruning, and garden maintenance
  • container and bed annuals
  • planting of trees, shrubs, gardens
  • interior and exterior holiday decorating
  • mulching
  • spring bulb displays
  • fall and spring cleaning
  • irrigation and water management
  • landscape lighting

Who will be working at my property?

Our crews are dedicated landscape professionals and fine gardeners, many of whom have been with a Blade of Grass for over 5 years. We have an aggressive training program that includes weekly classes and seasonal workshops, focused on horticulture, safety, and the latest industry standards.

Who do I contact regarding my maintenance questions?

We pair each client with a dedicated maintenance account manager that serves as a single point of contact. With extensive experience in all aspects of property maintenance, our account managers oversee all work, coordinate scheduling and execution, and clearly communicate with both the team and client.

How much do your services cost and when will I be billed?

Maintenance visits are billed on a time and materials basis, though mowing and plowing (available in select towns) are billed at a flat rate. We ask for a deposit to initiate maintenance services which are invoiced monthly thereafter. The overall monthly or yearly charges are dependent on the size and requirements of the property.

Do I need to sign a contract?

A Blade of Grass does not require a signed contract for maintenance services. We work closely with each client to tailor a maintenance plan and budget that ensures satisfaction and proceed upon approval of that plan with a deposit for initial work.

Do you offer lawn mowing services?

We offer lawn mowing services in a limited area including Wayland, Weston, Wellesley, and nearby towns. Please contact us to inquire about lawn mowing in your area.


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