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Wood flooring contractor Albuquerque NM: Looking for wood flooring company? Our floor store located in Albuquerque provides laminate, hardwood, tile flooring and carpet to the entire community. Let us give you a Free evaluation! Our flooring professionals provide personalized solutions, in-home services and expert installations. Visit our website today! Handyman Services of Albuquerque Flooring Company, is your expert in flooring installation in Albuquerque. We have a great team of installers trained to install laminate, hardwood, engineered wood, tile and more. We have a huge selection of hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, bamboo, cork, engineered hardwood and vinyl wood plank floors all at unheard of prices! We proudly serve Albuquerque and the surrounding area. Cost Of Wood Flooring? Free Estimates! Call Today Or Schedule Wood Flooring Online Fast!



About Albuquerque Wood Flooring

Albuquerque Wood Flooring is a family owned and operated firm, able to handle projects from complete buildings to small repairs. Unlike many of the wood flooring company’s operating in the city today, we have a convenient wood flooring service where you will be able to visit our website before inviting us into your house. Albuquerque Wood Flooring is well versed in the workings of all Co-ops and Condo’s. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured and can gain even the strictest boards’ approval. Albuquerque Wood Flooring is a welcome change offering customers personal attention in an increasingly impersonal world. We make it our goal to respond to all our customer’s needs in a timely and professional manner, and pride ourselves on always being reachable by phone or email so our customers never feel left in the dark.


Albuquerque Wood Flooring is a family owned and operated business in Albuquerque that can handle everything from wood flooring installation to wood flooring repair. We can help those people living throughout Albuquerque City and Albuquerque and will handle any job, whether it is small or large. We include personal attention and dependable service as part of our business practices.

Our Options – Wood Flooring

We have a very wide selection of hardwood flooring options and can handle floor refinishing, installation, repairs and wood flooring refinishing. We offer both unfinished and pre-finished wood floors, and the options you have available are close to endless. We will work hard to install your flooring properly and in a timely manner, though we can also help with hardwood repairs, borders, marble and tile installation. If your home has recently suffered from water damage, we can help restore those areas affected. We are also able to provide quality flooring for commercial installation as well.

Our Approach to Wood Flooring

Our goal is to always provide customers with personalized attention and very high-quality wood floors. The professionals we use are well trained and highly experienced to make sure you have quality service. We are fully bonded, insured and licensed, as well. We understand that condos and co-ops have strict rules and we are very familiar with these living quarters and can handle even the strictest boards in Albuquerque.


You only want the best for your home, so call Albuquerque`s most reputable flooring contractor when you are ready update your Albuquerque home or business

Let Albuquerque Hardwood Flooring take care of the entire process:

  • Consulting and assisting with product selection
  • Installing the product
  • The final cleanup

At Albuquerque Hardwood Flooring, we are obsessed with detail to ensure that we use:

  • Old world craftsmanship with new technologies
  • Technical aspects of the job are impeccable
  • The finished look is spectacular

We’ve been in business here for 50 years and we have business relationships with the best suppliers, so our selection of products is unmatched in the area.

We provide professional installation for:

How do you decide what flooring is right for you?

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Tile is especially rugged and damage-resistant for kitchens, bathrooms and entryways.
  • Hardwoods, both solid and engineered, create warmth and beauty, along with durability, in any living space.
  • Laminates combine several of these qualities for the more cost-conscious homeowner.

Our Design Specialist will help you make the best selection, then let the experts with years of experience install your floor! Call Albuquerque Hardwood Flooring today to schedule your consultation with our design specialist to get the best options for your flooring project. We serve customers throughout the Albuquerque Valley. We’re looking forward to working with you!


Handyman Services of Albuquerque Floor Company is your perfect choice for all your hardwood flooring and remodeling projects. Our collection offers exceptional value, elegance, and high quality products for your home designs; Modern, Eclectic or Traditional, We Have It All. Handyman Services of Albuquerque Floor Company is where quality, honesty, and customer service come together, Experience the difference.    No matter what your flooring need, we have the solution. We offer a wide selection of quality flooring. We buy the best products available in the market today. Our extensive selection of colors, styles and patterns can satisfy every style, design, budget and lifestyle.


With products ranging from 3/8″ to 3 /4″ in thickness in engineered as well as solid wood flooring, you can have the warmth and beauty of hardwood in any room in your home. However, bathrooms and laundry rooms are not recommended for wood flooring, since they contain more moisture than other rooms. Since wood flooring can be refinished instead of being replaced, wood floors are an investment in your home for years to come. Wood floors can be nailed, glued, or floated over a variety of existing surfaces. They are also available in a variety of different species as well as colors. We offer two types of wood floors, which are custom wood floors and prefinished wood floors. Visit our showroom and compare them side by side.


Prefinished wood flooring is factory finished wood flooring that requires only installation, so it is recommended for projects in existing homes. Since prefinished wood flooring is not sanded onsite, there is a defined edge between each individual plank.

Most prefinished floors can be completed in about one third the time it takes to install, sand, and finish a floor on site. Depending on the size of the floor, it could range between 2-3 days to complete a prefinished installation. With factory finish already cured, you do not have to wait the normal three days to move back your furniture or wait the traditional 30 days before area rugs can be placed. You can start using and maintaining your floor right away!

Without the job-site sanding machines in your home, there is no need to plastic off the room. For most jobs, there is little dust since cutting can be done outside or in the garage. Another benefit to prefinished flooring is the absence of odor that custom onsite finishes traditionally create. Our prefinished flooring has up to ten coats of fully cured factory finish applied before being installed in your home.

With the ever-increasing demand for prefinished flooring, the manufacturers of custom medallions and borders have had to include prefinished items as well. Many of their borders and medallions are available in prefinished, which then can be inlaid into your new prefinished floor.

Every prefinished floor we sell at Handyman Services of Albuquerque Wood Floors has a manufacturer warranty for the structure of the product. Most are for the lifetime of the floor. Wear warranties on these floors vary slightly from manufacturers ranging from three up to twenty-five years.


If your floor is showing considerable wear, or perhaps you would like to change the color, your best option will be refinishing. One of the real advantages of wood floors is that they can be refinished many times before needing to be replaced. Before you would reach a depth where the floor would be weakened or unable to sand, it can be sanded and finished several times (five to six). An exact number cannot be given due to the fact that no two people sand the floor alike and no two floors are the same. Normally, the floor will be sanded with three different grits of sand paper (coarse, medium and fine). In some cases where it is feasible, only two runs will be made. The condition of the floor is always the determining factor. During the sanding process, the three runs will remove approximately 1/64″ to 1/32″ of wood. If the floor has been abused (scratched or gouged), it may require a heavier sanding to reach a flat surface. In those instances, it may be more beneficial to replace the damaged boards then to sand over the entire area.  A 3/4″ wood floor is considered a life-time product. Under normal conditions and with proper maintenance it will last as long as your home. The refinishing process begins by sanding the floor down to the bare wood. It will create a lot of dust in your home. In an attePool Maintenance Handyman Services Of Albuquerque to minimize the dust to other areas of your home, plastic is hung in doorways to all adjoining rooms. To help further reduce the amount of dust left in your home, we also have available at an additional cost, our Dust Containment System, which collects the sanding dust in an exterior vacuum outside your home.


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