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Laminate Flooring Repair Service In Albuquerque Rio Rancho NM

The Laminate Flooring Repair will At Handyman Services of Albuquerque, our experienced flooring experts can provide the best Laminate Flooring Repair in Albuquerque Rio Rancho NM at a very reasonable price.We take pride in offering the best Laminate Flooring Repair. Laminate flooring has been taking the home decor market by storm for over two decades now. And no wonder, with all it has to offer -durability, low maintenance, and glowing good looks, for a modest outlay of cash. laminate floor is not indestructible. Especially if you have children and/or animals in your home, laminate is subject to both normal wear and tear and occasional damage.Our Handyman Services of Albuquerque experts take pride in providing the best service in the Albuquerque Rio Rancho NM area.

An advantage of this type of flooring, however, is that it is installed as a “floating floor,” rather than being nailed in place. This means that in case of damage, a small section can be fixed -you do not have to replace the whole floor. Find out the facts about laminate flooring repair.


To minimize the possibility of scratches to your flooring, cushion the feet of your furniture with felt floor protectors. And speaking of feet, keep your pet’s claws trimmed too. Doormats at each entrance to your house will avoid the tracking in of potentially harmful sand and debris, as well as moisture.


Wipe up any spilled liquids – even plain water- promptly to avoid staining and/or bubbling of the laminate floors.


Clean the floor with a microfiber mop before attempting any repair. Many of the fixes listed below will work best if no one walks on the floor for a period of up to 24 hours afterwards. In case of major damage or stubborn stains, consult your flooring contractor; repair may be covered by your purchase warranty.


  • Touch-up Pen or Filler Stick
To tackle minor scuffs, scratches, or nicks, try inexpensive, easy-to-use touch-up pens or filler sticks (similar to wax crayons). Pens may be bought individually, but for the most successful color match, it’s best to purchase a set. This will include several wood tones varied from light to dark, such as oak, maple, walnut, mahogany, and so on, to blend as appropriate. The pens cost about $10 per set and dry completely in 5 minutes. They may be utilized for touch-ups on furniture, in addition to laminate flooring, but are only for indoor use. Filler stick sets are higher priced, but can fill small scratches and don’t require any drying time.
  • Laminate Floor Repair Kit
A laminate floor repair kit is the most costly fix in the “cover-up and filler” category. However, in addition to giving a more precise color match, it can fill in somewhat larger gouges and holes. The kit may contain wax, paste, or putty, with a variety of tints that you custom blend to the shade you want. The tools you will need to prepare and apply the compound, such as a spatula and brush, are normally included.


  • Remove and Replace

In case of more serious damage to your laminate floor, repair will involve replacing the damaged board(s). For the neatest results, carefully remove the baseboard closest to the area of laminate flooring which you need repaired. Then disassemble the floor, unlocking board after board from its tongue-and-groove arrangement, until you are able to take out the damaged one. Attach your replacement and work backwards to put the floor back together.

  • Cut and Glue

If floor disassembly proves to be too difficult, you can slice out the blemished area only and then carefully cut a laminate “patch,” measured to fit the empty spot. After gluing the patch in place, put a heavy weight on top and leave it to dry undisturbed for 24 hours.

NOTE: The assumption here is that you have a few extra boards left over from your laminate floor installation. If this is not the case, take the damaged piece to your supplier to find the best match.

How can repair a damaged laminate board?

Light damage to your laminate floor can be easily repaired with the repair kit. Sometimes, however, a board is damaged so badly that you’ll have to replace it. Removing a board from the floor isn’t the easiest task, but we’ll show you how you can go about it, one step at a time.

You’ll need a couple of tools to replace the broken board: some tape, a knife, a pencil, a plunge saw with rail, a chisel, a hammer, a crowbar and a tapping block.

  • Make sure you clearly mark the broken board with your pencil or a pen. Tape off the contours of the damaged floorboard so that it stands out.
  • Take a new board and draw a sawing line on the click side of the new plank. Mark the underside of the board so that you know where exactly the edge comes. We’ll glue this part later on.
  • Saw off the grooves of the new board with your plunge saw.
  • Using the same circular saw, saw two parallel grooves in the middle of the damaged board, lengthwise. Bring the grooves as close to the edges as possible.
  • At the end of the broken plank, make incisions at an angle with your saw. Let the incisions cross the grooves you made earlier. This will make it easier to remove the board.
  • Remove the beat-up board with a chisel.
  • Apply glue to one of the short and one of the long sides of the surrounding boards.
  • Grab the replacement board and click it together with the part you didn’t saw off, into the sides you didn’t glue.
  • Using a hammer, a crowbar and a tapping block, carefully tap the new board into its place and press well
  • Spread about 40 kilos of weight over the board and let the glue dry for a few hours. Afterwards, you’ll have a floor that’s as good as new.

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